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0:00 – intro; who is MrBeast?
2:30 – shout out to today’s sponsor
3:44 – are MrBeast’s giveaways purely selfless?
5:37 – Beast Philanthropy
6:24 – analyzing “1000 Blind People See For The First Time”
9:05 – these “feel-good” stories are tragic
9:53 – is this video exploitative?
11:52 – the more he donates, the more he earns
13:57 – I’m not a fan of filming “good deeds”
15:06 – my suggestions for MrBeast’s charity videos
15:56 – MrBeast supports government healthcare??
18:18 – MrBeast could use his influence for ANYTHING
19:14 – MrBeast for president?
20:24 – Jimmy can’t take criticism…
22:58 – calculated content strategy
25:32 – does MrBeast make the BEST videos?
28:11 – Jimmy’s youtube/work obsession
29:53 – expanding the MrBeast brand (Beast Burgers, Feastables, etc)
33:11 – MrBeast, the workaholic
38:32 – MrBeast, the startup founder?
40:02 – can a rich philanthropist save the world?

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