The MrBeast Video That Went Horribly Wrong…

MrBeast has always been known for giving away millions of dollars, but what happened to the Lunar Capsule project that has made hundreds of investors upset recently? Well, according to some of his fans this has been a scam, as it has been 2 years without any updates or information on the project, but is there any truth to this? Pictures and videos were supposed to be sent on a hard drive to the moon, but MrBeast has remained silent despite the controversy, making this whole situation a mystery… until today, because I of course did my research, so be sure to watch until the end to find out about the entire story. I hope you enjoy the video and leave a like if you do!


00:00 – MrBeast’s Lunar Capsule Project
03:33 – The Accidental Scam
06:13 – Why MrBeast Remained Silent


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